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Swaziland Day Tour

Price R1,770
Departs on request subject to availability: 08h00. Returns at ±17h00
Note: Passport required & visa conditions may apply.
Light lunch included.

Tour Itinerary

  • * From one country to another in a matter of minutes!
  • * As you cross the border, you’ll not only feel the warmth of the friendly, welcoming people of Swaziland, but you’ll fall in love with the lush fertile valleys and magnificent mountain scenery.
  • * Our journey takes us over the Maguga Dam Wall, and perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of the Banana Leaf Dancers.
  • * We visit the Nsangwini Rock Art and explore the bushman paintings tucked away in a rock shelter, dramatically perched above the Komati River.
  • * We’re off to what is purported to be the oldest mine on earth, one where the ancient San people were extracting ochre.
  • * For the artisans, shoppers and craft lovers among us, Ngwenya Glass is a ‘Must See’. We’ll watch highly skilled glass blowers creating their wonderful works of art, all handmade from recycled glass.
  • * A short distance away, we’ll pop into a traditional craft centre where you can purchase that special curio.
  • * And after all that shopping, a light lunch is definitely what’s needed.

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More Info on Tour

  • NOTE: Passport required & visa conditions may apply.
  • Light lunch included.
  • We cannot guarantee the availability and schedule of 3rd party operators.
  • We reserve the right to utilize the services of an alternative service provider.
  • Pick up and drop off for all tours is free from certain central areas.
  • Please check when booking tours if your pick up and drop off point is free of charge.
  • All tours operate with a minimum of 2 people unless otherwise stated.
  • For Conditions of Charter please contact Hylton Ross Touring or visit www.hyltonross.co.za.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee any specific animal sightings or interaction with animals as these animals are all in their natural habitat and wild. This also applies to any tour where we advertise interaction with animals in conservation projects.
  • Hylton Ross Touring reserves the right to terminate tour services if children are not behaving properly or causing disturbance.
  • Entrance fees charged by third party service providers may be charged for children under 12 years. In order to qualify for children’s rates (when children’s rates are available), the child must be accompanied on the tour by 2 adults. Children under 8 years are only permitted on game drives on a private tour, and on certain tours at the discretion of Hylton Ross Touring and third party service providers.
  • Passenger liability – R200mil.
  • Prices valid until 31 October 2017.


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