Hylton Ross

About our company and what we offer

Hylton Ross Exclusive Touring began operating in 1980. The business, which provides luxury touring services, started out as a small family business. Although the core business is the charter of luxury coaches, Hylton Ross Exclusive Touring is also renowned for top quality Guided Day Tours, such as wine tours, city tours, visiting the gold mines of Johannesburg and scouting for the big five in the Kruger National Park. With 11 operational offices across South Africa, approximately 400 full time staff and independent contractors, the company will be able to meet all your transport requirements.

In 2007 Hylton Ross Tours became part of the Cullinan Group of companies. Cullinan Holdings is a Proudly South African company and a leading role player within the Tourism-, Leisure- and Financial Services sector. Working with our sister companies, we strive to uphold our values of service excellence and reliability - qualities that held us in good stead since 1980.

As Hylton Ross Tours within Cullinan Holdings, we are also proud to be a subsidiary of The Travel Corporation (TTC), a global tourism and travel conglomerate.

TTC owns some of the most iconic brands worldwide, including Trafalgar Tours, Insight Tours, Contiki Tours, The Red Carnation Hotel Group and Uniworld River Cruising, amongst others. www.thetravelcorporation.com

Launched in 2020, How We Tread Right (HWTR) is Hylton Ross’s five-year sustainability strategy. It is the sustainability blueprint for us and our sister brands under our parent company The Travel Corporation (TTC).

Our strategy consists of 11 sustainability goals anchored to the United Nations’ Global Goals , which guide the way we are addressing climate change, sustainable food production, waste reduction, travel experiences, diversity and inclusion, and wildlife: the six main issues that we are currently focused on as a business.

Learn more about how choosing Hylton Ross means choosing a travel company that puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

To learn more about progress we are making against these goals, view our Impact Report here.

Treadright Foundation Make Travel Matter

This is our ethos. We recognize our responsibility to leave a positive impact on the planet we call home, the people we visit, and the wildlife we find there. We manage our impact in two ways; as a business through our sustainability goals, detailed in How We Tread Right, and through our TreadRight Foundation.

Our efforts to MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® focus on:
Planet – Protecting our landscapes and natural resources through conservation and sustainable practices.
People – Ensuring that the true economic benefit of tourism is felt by local communities.
Wildlife – Protecting our world’s wildlife and advocating for ethical wildlife experiences.