Cape Town (Head Office)




Jacqui Mitchell


Branch and Marketing Manager

I have always had a passion for tourism and I believe a person is at work 90% of your life so you need to enjoy what you do or you are wasting your time. My Career in tourism started with me travelling abroad for 2 years doing GATE projects. I was then a river guide for Felix Unite where I gained experience in the field and had the pleasure of combining my outdoor passion with working. I was then involved in operations for Flexi Wheels and have since then never left the “wheels” side of tourism. I have grown at Hylton Ross from Consultant to Marketing to operations Manager and now 14 years later Branch Manager. I like to think I have had experience in all the various divisions of our coaching company.




Keon Daniels


Sales and Marketing Consultant

I am a bright and happy 24 year old who has a passion for the tourism industry. I had the opportunity to go and study at Northlink College Tygerberg Campus. I enjoy going the extra mile for my clients and having started at Hylton Ross I have learnt so much about the travel and tourism industry, and I find the transport section very interesting. I have grown to love each and everyone in the office. I strive to live our company values to the best of my ability. So far working at Hylton Ross has been a pleasure, I am delighted to have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the industry I am passionate about.




Tania Meyer


Operations and Scheduling Consultant

I started my career in the transport industry in 1994. My life has been punctuated into different phases in the transport industry which I have just absorbed as awesome life experiences. I love life and this industry just creates so much opportunity for growth you are never at a stage of stagnation. The love of people and the knowing that this greatness we call our world has been given to us is just more reason to excite you into a pursuit of joy: Thus love the journey as this industry has been created for us to grow in every area of our lives as we go about our daily duties which evolves into passion for our people and the network we find ourselves in. What a drive this has been and still is!!! I am always looking forward to meeting new people and embracing new opportunities within our industry.




Dale Jacobs


Operations and Scheduling Consultant

Two years ago I started off as a porter at the Rockwell hotel and I assisted at the Concierge desk when needed. I slowly gained the knowledge and ability to operate at a Concierge desk and that allowed me the opportunity to liaise with clients at one of the biggest touring company’s travel desk, Hylton Ross Touring. Being in the right place at the right time, I turned out to be the right man! I was recruited by Hylton Ross Touring into their head office where I am currently an Operations Consultant.
Within the space of two years I could do all this! It proves that if you put your heart and mind into achieving your dreams, anything is possible!



Damian Jacobs


Operations Consultant

Greetings from the mother city!! I hold a degree in Industrial psychology – but shortly after completing this, I realized that it is not for me and luckily I got the opportunity at Hylton Ross Exclusive touring. From a young age I had a passion for the travel and tourism industry & ultimately this led me to Hylton Ross Exclusive Touring. Through this, it has allowed me to meet many different people from many different backgrounds all across the world – I cherish things like this, as to me, it is seen as an opportunity to learn and grow in many different ways, from many different people. I have worked in many different fields, but nothing can compare to how challenging and fulfilling the tourism industry is. My advice to many young people is to make their way into the tourism industry – it is worth every minute spent.



Lindi Swales


Operations Controller

I joined the Tourism Industry entirely by chance in 2007 as Office Manager for a busy Adventure Tourism Company… I discovered that I truly loved this diverse & challenging industry and decided to move on to mainstream Tourism in 2009. My journey continued with a local Tour Operator for 7 years, specialising in the Indian & Middle East Markets. Once again I hungered for more challenges and to explore yet another aspect of Tourism and was very fortunate to be able to join the dynamic team at Hylton Ross in September 2016, as a Senior Charter Consultant. I continue to learn every day, and take pride in the level of service I offer to my clients.



Nuraan Rahman


Operations Consultant

I’ve always had an interest in the tourism side of our country, even as a young child. I started out at Thompsons Africa as a Meet and Greet consultant and then moved to the Touring Team. I was lucky enough to then be given the opportunity to work at Hylton Ross tours and experience first-hand what a stunning country we live in. The passion and dynamic of working with this team has inspired me even more.



Mandi Williams


Senior Operations Consultant

I studied International Travel & Tourism for 3 years which thereafter I got my first job at NAC helicopters in the waterfront where I learned a lot about the industry. After 2 ½ years of working in the waterfront I packed my bags and moved to NYC for 2 years. On my return to South Africa I landed a job at a local DMS and started working my way up from being a Personal Assistant to Junior Market Specialist and from there just kept climbing the ladder over the last 3 years. I quickly moved up from being a junior to an intermediate  Market Specialist and have now moved over to Hylton Ross & Ikapa coaches where I’m a Senior Charter Consultant . There is nothing more exciting and unpredictable than the tourism and that is exactly what makes every day different and something to look forward to.




Brittney Buys


Operations Consultant

My name is Brittney Buys and I’m Cape Town born. I’ve been introduced to the Tourism industry at a young age and this unleashed a passion for my country and people of the world.

I completed High School in 2008 and right after enrolled at Varsity College to pursue a Tourism and Tour Operations Diploma, which allowed me to explore every corporate aspect; Tourism Management, Business Management, Marketing, Destination Management etc. and also learn about the nine South African Provinces and it’s neighbouring countries.

Today I hold a Tourist Guide Qualification obtained during 2015-2016 for the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo provinces. My long-term goal is to become a nationally qualified Tourist Guide and learn to speak Dutch.

Being young in the industry I live by a motto “Discover to Learn”, I am now working in the office of Hylton Ross Tours as an Operations Consultant to fulfill all our clients needs.




Sinazo Mbeje


Operations Consultant

I have studied Travel & Tourism for 3 years. My first job was at the Car Rental where I have learned a lot about the tourism industry. It is an exciting career, especially on young people. It gives you the opportunity to see the world and people differently. I have the passion in the industry for its people and what one can achieve in many aspects, I then made my next move where I got the opportunity to work with a Travel Agency company where you will have to create holiday destinations for clients. My journey was amazing and educational, I have a passion to deal and give excellent customer service to clients and put a smile on other people faces. Being in the tourism industry in the amount of time that I have been, has been an enjoyment each and every step of the way and I cannot wait to see what comes next!




Arnaud de Grandpre


Branch Manager

I started in travel over 20 years ago joining Thompsons on a voluntary work experience basis – 2 weeks later I was given a choice of 2 employment offers: accounts administration or Inbound Operations (of which I took the later – thankfully for all concerned!) I have worked in Inbound reservations, Inbound groups, Escorted Tours as well as National Touring Manager of the Thompsons Touring & Safaris wheels operations. It has been incredible to be part of the original team involved in starting out with a fleet of 2 vehicles to now being a proud member in the ever growing and professional Cullinan Transport Division – a merger of several passionate and successful brands taking Tourism transport to new levels.



Sundeesha Sookdewo


Operations Supervisor

My career began in the Transport Logistics and Shipping industry, which gave me the right experience to join the Hylton Ross Touring Team as Operations Supervisor. I am a vibrant individual and I believe anything can be attained through hard work and dedication.

I am sociable and full spirited and I am able to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. I have the utmost love for my mum and sister who are my blessings in my life and my dad late dad is my shining star from above. I have unconditional love and passion for animals and I am driven to rescuing strays. My motto: Live, Learn, Love!



Maureen     Finnie


Operations Consultant

I started at Thompsons as a Receptionist in 2004 and thereafter in 2006 moved to Thompsons Africa Escorted Touring as a Operations Co-Ordinator. In 2011 moved over to Hylton Ross as a Operations Co-Ordinator. I have learnt quiet a bit about the tourism industry. I love working with people of different backgrounds. I am passionate about what I do. I love to assist where I can. My personal life – I am a wife and a mum. I have three beautiful daughters aged 19 Years (Shanice); 15 Years (Shane`e and 5 years (Sad`e). Life is a challenge and everyday is great. My belief is trust in God.




Kevin Smith


Branch Manager

Kevin Smith father of two, recently left Hylton Ross Cape Town to join the Johannesburg team as Branch Manager, a personal achievement cherished after 18 years in the industry , my passion and drive increases year by year. The dynamics of working in the tourism industry makes me believe in the following statement. Love what you do and do what you love.



Chris Heineman


Operations Consultant

I was born a Capetonian, but now I’m an adopted Gautenger. I started my career 17 years ago in the transport industry and moved to tourism 13 years ago starting as a bus driver. I am proud to have joined the Hylton Ross Operations Team in April 2017. I listen to what is truly important and stand quietly before the storm.



Candy Rathebe


Operations Consultant

By name I am known as Candy Tsholofelo Rathebe. I’m a 25 year old Female.

Other than my love for tourism, I’m a qualified NDT Technician and currently studying towards my Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Benjamin Franklin once said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

I’m a motivational speaker and enjoy debating.

My favourite colour is purple. I love reading, poetry writing, travelling and just having a great time.

Smiling is the best anti-aging lotion you can ever find.

Live, Laugh and dream.

Who knows, Miracles do happen. Take a chance and keep trying!




Mthuthuzeli Mabaso

Operations Consultant

My love with the Tourism industry started 15 years ago, and that’s also where I met my wife Kaori Mabaso, and have been blessed with two kid’s Ayanda (6years old) & Azania (3years old). I’m very passionate about working with people, and meeting people from all over the world. My strongest personality is customer service. I’m very happy to be part of the Cullinan family and working for Hylton Ross. Our aim is always giving the best service to our clients (guests) that they deserve. On my holiday I love touring our beautiful country as I can’t get enough of the attractions and hospitality that SA has to offer. Last but not least, I love life and appreciate the opportunity of everyone that I met.

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